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Custom Digital Marketing Solutions are here!

September 1st, 2016 by Cameron Collins

Providing a customised Digital Marketing Solution ensures that our services are tuned to your budget, objectives, target market, and current position in the digital landscape. We are tuned into giving your organisation a competitive advantage and delivering measurable results.

The following list summarises the activities that may be part of a digital marketing solution for your organisation. We would love to talk to you about your particular requirements, so feel free to get in touch.

1. Content curation

Content curation involves sourcing relevant articles, media and editorial and then re-posting possibly after adding your slant on the content. The aim here is to help, not selling. Curated content must be engaging, or provide a solution to common problems your target audience would face. Curating content is a cost effective way to gain exposure, whilst building trust and demonstrating your leadership and expertise within your industry.

2. Blog / Editorial writing

Looking for a way to add some personality to your businesses image? Want customers to be interested in who you are and what you are doing? Blog posts let you draw your audience in a bit closer and inform them about what is going on in your organisation and industry. Editorials posted into another businesses blog or email newsletter instantaneously broaden the reach of your organisation.

3. Web content writing

You know what you are selling, but not sure how to present it on your website? People have a hunger for information, yet do not have the time or patience to dig through hundreds of words.

Instead of visiting or calling each store, customers are searching the internet to narrow their selection before talking to sales staff. We construct web content that gets your key points across in a clear and concise manner, and in a tone that engages your target audience.

4. Social media posting

How do you reach out and find new customers that are not actively looking for your product/service, but may be very interested once they know you exist? How do you advertise and create brand awareness, without spending a fortune on television ads and billboards? Social media has levelled the playing field, allowing those in small businesses that have creative and unique ideas to compete with much larger organisations.

5. Social media ads writing

Are you looking to conduct an advertising campaign, but you only want to be seen by your target market, instead of wasting money sending it to everyone? Many traditional forms of advertising are expensive and inefficient – you may be selling cricket bats, but your television ad is being shown to people that don’t even play cricket! We create social media ad campaigns that only reach those you wish to target.

6. Social media management (ads and interactions)

Would you like to have an ad campaign, yet don’t have the time to manage your ads and create new posts? Social media does require regular attention and can cause communication issues with customers if it is neglected. We manage campaigns, respond to customer interactions, seek constant improvement in ad performance and report the key results back to you.

7. Paid ads writing & landing page design and build

When was the last time you googled a product, a service or a shop, before making a purchase? Many people turn to Google almost daily to quickly compare their options and make their buying decision.

If you could ensure your business was on the top of the page when someone searched for your type of product/service, how much money would this be worth to you? We collaborate with businesses to ensure that your name is seen by the right people at the right time!

8. Paid ads management

How much is an adequate amount to spend each time a customer clicks on my ad? How many conversions am I making each month? Who is seeing my ads? Setting up and managing a Google ad campaign on your own can be confusing! We manage the ad campaigns for a variety of clients and know how to give your brand the best exposure regardless of budget. Our monthly reports give you the information you need in a simple, easy to read format.

9. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When was the last time you looked at the second page of Google search results? You probably don’t remember! Most people don’t have time to look at every website that appears in the Google search rankings, and if they can find what they were looking for in the first 2 or 3 clicks, then why bother?

How many more sales would you make if prospective customers saw your business ahead of your competitors? We work with a wide range of organisations to lift their Google rankings for relevant and popular search terms.

SEO is a constantly changing field. With more businesses optimising their websites for SEO and Google regularly changing their algorithms to provide the best quality search results, websites need frequent attention to ensure they don’t just make the top rankings, they stay there too.

10. Email Marketing

Email is by no means dead … in fact, it is still the most cost effective tool in the Digital Marketing landscape. Of course… we are all flooded with emails, so it is vital that your email campaigns are executed very well. We assist our clients to design, build in HTML (preferably mobile responsive) and send, ensuring that you make the most of technology opportunities to automate a stream of messages, personalise, track interactions, and encourage social and other sharing.

11. SMS (Text Message) Marketing

SMS is a very personal communication channel for your contacts. It has it’s own peculiar advantages and disadvantages. We assist our clients to ensure that this medium is used well, including the ability to easily unsubscribe and receive immediate replies to your messages.

12. Surveys / Diagnostics

Also known as an online questionnaire, these tools can be highly engaging, help to build trust, and of course feed your pipeline with pre-qualified leads. Often these tools will be combined with a pay per click and/or email campaign.

13. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Okay, so you have lots of people coming to your website, and lots of interactions happening, but in the back of your mind you worry that more can be done … but what exactly?? That’s where CRO comes in – the programmatic adjustment of layout, content and imagery to determine which elements, or combinations of factors, deliver the optimal number of conversions (leads, sales, enquiries, submissions).

Let’s not call this list complete! The ways that we can assist you with marketing your organisation using online technologies will continue to evolve.

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