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March 13th, 2020 by Heather Maloney

Below is the content of a special Corona Virus Contactpoint News sent to our clients and associates on 18/03/2020:

Coronavirus Update

We want to assure you that Contactpoint is open and ready to assist your business during this difficult time. Being a technology company we have all our systems in the cloud and are well placed to respond quickly to the increased requests for support from our clients.

We have also been brainstorming how we can best help each and every one of our clients to respond, and are at the ready to step in as quickly and cost effectively as possible if you would like to:

  • distribute bulk communications (sms or email) to your customers and team.
  • create a landing page / special offer to your customers which addresses a new need arising from the present situation.
  • add an online store or service delivery to your website to provide your services or products remotely.
  • brainstorm how to best use your marketing dollar to reach people through digital marketing, given that searching for products, will now be carried out almost exclusively using technology.
  • or if there is some other way we can assist!

I am heartened to hear many of our clients are using this time to think strategically and pivot their business to make the best of this situation. Small business is the life blood of the nation, and it is very important that we keep our businesses running, and supporting one another. “Melbourne passes $10m stimulus package aimed at small business” hit the news this morning, and I suspect there will be more initiatives such as this.

And if you need cheering up, please check out: Coronavirus and animals: Shuttered Chicago aquarium takes penguins on a field trip.

Please do not hesitate to call myself or the team to discuss your response to the Coronavirus.

Best wishes,
Heather Maloney
and the team at Contactpoint

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