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Put some fun into your marketing with QR Codes

April 12th, 2011 by Heather Maloney

You may have noticed some strange looking symbols in your travels recently, a bit like the image on the right. These are called QR codes (2 dimensional barcodes), and can hold a great deal more information than your average barcode, and can be read by a smart phone!

Go on… if you have a smart phone, download a QR Code reader app (see links below), and then read in the code on the right. So… what do you call a dog that shreds things? [you have to view the QR code to get the answer]

How can you utilise QR codes for marketing your business? There are a plethora of articles online giving many different suggestions. Thinking about our clients, we can see the QR Codes being used as follows:

Added to advertising boards for properties, to allow the person driving past the property to get all the details about it on their smart phone including contact details for the real estate agent.
Included in emails, to provide a special offer to use when you walk into the store.
Added to any printed material to provide your contact details in the form of a vcard (used within Outlook Contacts)
An in-store loyalty program – the cafe downstairs from our office is using QR codes in this manner.
Here are some other useful articles on the topic of QR Codes:

13 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Marketing
Free online tool to generate a QR Code | Another online QR Code generator
iPhone App to scan a QR Code
Android App to scan a QR Code

Have you used a QR Code yet? Tell us about your experience by commenting below.

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